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Rather excited to weigh in tomorrow, see you in the morning :)


How Can I Lose Weight Fast?

I’ve only had a digestive biscuit (71) and a satsuma (40) today, dinner will be soup and a slice of crustless bread (158), then hitting the gym later (-300), which brings me to a net of -31 :):)


Almost back down to 115, I was in complete belief that I’d gained due to drinking last night, but no, so pleased!


It’s 6:30am which means its time for 200 crunches, weigh in, glass of water and a black coffee

crisps 104
popcorn 289
total 393

1/2 cup a soup 63.5
2 slices of pizza 324
hour on treadmill -430

total -42.5

Just did 500 cal burn on the treadmill, feel brilliant